• Tea is served

    One of the nice things about having a baby (besides the actual baby) is that nine months of being so boring comes to an abrupt halt and is replaced with lots of tea time visits – so friends and family can meet the new addition to the family. This obviously also occasionally goes down with a bit of Champagne. No? Why not?

    On one of those occasions, one of our friends brought a banting cake, all the way from La Cuccina in Hout Bay. It was an almond dark chocolate cake made with Xylitol and apparently contained zero carbs. I don’t know much about banting, but I must say the cake was delish. Maybe we will have a few banting cakes and muffins at the café..

    Tea time is also an excuse to get out of my pyjamas – although I’m sure my friends wouldn’t mind me in PJs when visiting. I guess it’s nice to get into a dress that I can finally fit into. On that note, I’m loving shopping again and so adore my new Country Road stripe dress and belt!

    Lacoste has fallen in love with Francesca – she even did a little oopsie in Franki’s room when we first arrived back from the hospital. At first we were worried about how she was going to take it, now that she would have to share our attention with someone else. But now she just gets onto the bed and nuzzles her way into the love triangle.













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  • Dirt Therapy


    Visiting a nursery on  a Saturday is one of my favourite things to do. With Lacoste and family in tow – buying all the plants we could possibly  fit into the Mini – and for the rest of the weekend planting, listening to music with glass of vino in hand and good tunes in the background. My absolute BEST! Our dear friend Katherine Barlow – who I have written about once before here (and whom I might add has the most amazing taste) has opened the most stunning nursery in Plettenberg Bay. With a bit of luck we might get one here in Cape Town soon (hint hint), but for now, if you are visiting Plett for a weekend get-away, I reckon swing past Katherine’a farm for the day for some much needed ‘Dirt Therapy’!

    Don’t you just love the name? Their website is launching very soon and can be found here.

    When I had a look at the pics Kath posts on her Instagram account I wanted to pin all of them straight onto my Pinterest gardening board for inspiration. Everything in this magnificent space Kath has created is at the top of my shopping list – from the blue and white oriental pots (which I adore) to the baskets and skull heads. The list goes on!


    Katherine grew up in Cape Town on a busy street with a small garden. Her interest in all things green grew from the many hours spent in her aunt’s garden in Kenilworth – Stellenberg. (see book)

    As a child she also spent many happy holidays on her Grandfather’s farm in the Crags – hence her move to Plett five years ago.


    Katherine moved to Plett from a beautiful game farm in the North West Province – she has a strong affiliation with all things “Africa” and this can be seen quite plainly in some of the selection of items in the shop. Porcupine quills and seed pods have been collected on her many trips to the bush over the years – from the banks of the Zambezi to her brother’s farm in the Karoo.

    Dirt Therapy came about when the “empty nest syndrome” hit her hard after her two boys left for boarding school in Grahamstown last year. A trip to the Chelsea flower show in May cemented her decision. This cottage on her smallholding was a dark wooden cabin with a green roof hidden by Pine forest and Port Jackson. Trees were felled, the cottage re designed and repainted and Dirt Therapy was born.


    What you see here today is a culmination of passion – Katherine’s love of trees, plants, interiors, dogs, people and wide open spaces.

    Be sure to make a turn.





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  • Summer Part 2

    We spent the day shooting at Bali Bay in Camps Bay – Josie and the Café Du Cap team transformed the tiny beach into a tropical island and our kaftans danced around the beach for the day.

    We continue to offer our best selling silky-soft kaftan from India. They are great for travel, as they don’t crease in your suitcase and are as light as a feather – so you can pack a few. The perfect beach-to-bar kaftan! Worn on the beach with sandals during the day, and swapped with heels for night time.

    We have recently adjusted the styling on these by making the side slips only go slightly up the leg so it can be worn as a dress when not on the beach. These kaftans arrive at your door with a beautiful free beach sarong – as seen in our editorial pics..

    We are also offering more cotton kaftans this time around which we have been asked for by some of our regulars. These come in a variety of colours and prints and are great for beach-to-bar scenes!

    We are also very excited about our beach shell necklaces all the way from New Guinea. These beautiful pieces will have you looking like an eccentric beach goddess in no time! See the new range from the shoot www.cafeducap.com

    CLICK HERE to get yours before they’re all gone again!


    Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.54.06 PM




    Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.54.34 PM


    Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.54.41 PM

    KAFTAN-KHAOS98 Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.54.49 PM

    Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.54.58 PM



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  • Flying High

    My new favourite thing is FLYING!! Seth got his licence after 6 months of hard work and dedication – clocking his hours between meetings and studying on the weekends.. The deal was he could get it if he could complete it before the baby arrived.  And can you believe it Francesca was born the day after he got his license. Cutting it fine, my friend! I went up for the first time last week and wow – how would you describe it? AMAZING!

    The day happened to be a little windy and not to sound like a basket case,  I felt a bit twitchy about going up. But once in the air and over the sea towards Table Montain, all fear subsided and I settled into an incredible experience. Around the mountain we went and past Camps Bay where my mom gave us a wave outside her shop - even though we were 2000 feet above!

    Then we headed towards Scarborough, across to Simons Town and over Muizenberg to do some much anticipated shark spotting – to no avail (hopefully next time!). There we were told by air traffic control (here I found the whole radio procedure quite funny.. not use to seeing Seth so serious) to go below 500 feet as we crossed the Cape Town International flight path over to Stellenbosch. That was pretty cool as we got a closer look at the beach! Then it was over the vines and back to the airport at Fisantekraal, where we crabbed due to a 15 knot cross wind! The new word ‘crabbing’ was explained in detail to me whilst landing, it’s when you descend a little sideways to the runway, as the wind blows from the side!

    The experience  has brought on lots of celebrating – including oysters (I haven’t eaten an oyster in 9 months) and loads of late night adventure talk about flying over places like the Namibian desert one day. Over a glass of wine one can get very excited!













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  • Going, Growing Green

    Thanks to the Imagine Magazine for my mini interview on my greenhouse! I just recently pulled everything out and re-planted for summer part 2..
    Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.55.12 PM


    Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.56.37 PM


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  • Brocante Society

    I believe old furniture with a history is far more interesting then something brand spanking new. As I mentioned in last week’s post, Brocante Society is one of those rare antique burrows where everything has a history behind it and somehow feels like it has been-hand picked just for you and your home. Barbara, the owner’s ‘About’ page reads, “things authentic, things inspired, things that resonate, things with a visual montage.” Love it!

    The store has a real French feel as you walk in, peppered with layer upon layer of vintage French linen piled everywhere. The antiques are all hand-picked by Barbara from the many auctions she attends all over the country.

    Over the past few months, Seth and I have been on the search for a chair for the baby’s room – the big issue being that the room is quite small. The main feature is an antique bed in the middle of the room, with antique crib and (yes, you guessed it) antique chest of drawers. We had one spare corner to play with for a chair, but all the ‘feeding chairs’ I have seen are massive, oversized and just wouldn’t be practical in our case. That is until we found THE chair at Brocante Society! You can see it in the pics below – at the entrance (with the vintage French linen pillow case laying on-top). Isn’t it divine?

    Brocante Society is in Chelsea Village – one of my favourite areas in Cape Town. Brocante has just given me another excuse to visit the village any day of the week!











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  • And On We Go – Hello, 2015..

    Just as we were off to a good start to the year the world experienced the horrific terror attacks in France. It’s quite hard to believe that all this terror is becoming a part of everyday news, but I guess all we can do is carry on with our lives and try to be as positive as possible! One thing’s for sure, when things like this happen we do start thinking more about what is important in life and that we shouldn’t take things for granted – most importantly our family, friends and loved ones!

    This is my first proper blog post for the year and gives me the chance to note all the things that happened towards the end of 2014 and everything to come for 2015! Firstly, we have three weeks to go before our baby arrives! Phew… nine months is seriously long – I cannot wait to have a glass of Champagne and some oysters..

    We stayed in Cape Town for the holidays so I could (try) get everything ready like the baby room. Yup, the long baby list of things to get is almost complete, give or take a floating shelf or two. On that note, can I just complain a little about Baby City? Oh.My.Word. Perhaps I shouldn’t as just thinking about it makes me short of breath. We’re meant to be positive for 2015, right?


    Christmas lunch was fabulous, as it was raining and things became quite cosy inside. We had decided to do a ham and a shoulder of lamb with roast potatoes – that’s potatoes roasted in duck fat… which I found at Chefs warehouse on Bree. I was going to do a turkey and had practiced doing one the week before (from a Jamie Oliver recipe). Seth loved it but unfortunately the sight of the massive drumsticks and the overly-emphasised scales in the skin put me right off! Honestly, I couldn’t even have one bite after the the whole experience – it seems pregnancy has a tendency to do this! So ham and lamb was the result. We pulled out the board game ’30 seconds’ after lunch, and that was a major hit – as always.

    My sister – who works as a chef on a private yacht on the Med – spent Christmas with us and I scored with a quick pavlova lesson – mmmm. We decided not to do the traditional berries on the top, but rather Nutella and canned peaches. I think Anna Pavlova would have been proud!


    Eventually the rain stopped and the rest of our days were spent lazing by the pool – drinking (virgin) Bloody Marys, playing opera music and reading / doodling. There were lots of early walks on the beach (to miss the crowds), quick dunks in the ocean – followed by brekkie at Caprice, and a braai almost every second day. Seth is becoming an expert at getting my chops perfect. Our friend Simon taught us a trick to get the fat crispy – you have to line them up, but to avoid them falling over – skewer them with a stick. Try it – it’s genius. Boerrie rolls topped with Sriracha chilli sauce is most certainly  my weak spot whilst being preggies – topped with some greens from the greenhouse to keep us glowing. Oh, and I had my first crop of purple cabbage this month – they were almost too beautiful to pick and eat.

    I wasn’t going to talk about Christmas pressies but let me just mention the coolest painting (ever) I got of a pointer dog (framed from Brocante Society in Chelsea Wynberg) for Seth. I’ve been meaning to do a blog post about that wonderful shop – will keep you posted.

    The statue head you see in the pics was also a gift from Brocante from my mum!


    PS. On a very high note, all my kaftans sold out – thank you so much to all of you who bought. I just received a whole bunch from India, so I’ve put a few in the pics here for you to view. We should hopefully have them up on the shop this week or next. How gorgeous is the yellow and pink embroidered one? Luckily I got a few of those, so one is for moi!  I am busy making my first range from the most beautiful fabric I sourced from India. Getting them made here has been a bit tricky but all the sweat and tears will be worth it in the end. I hope to have them finished before due date (early Feb – don’t hold your breath). Whatever happens they will definitely be ready for your Winter getaway somewhere warm.

    Please do indulge in my new car-spotting hobby – I posted some of the pics I took in December – how divine is that Ford Cortina?

    I think that’s enough for now. Hope you like the pics and here’s to a fab 2015!

    Catch you later.


















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  • A French Inspired Lunch… Thanks For The Feature, Condé Nast!

    What a super start to the year – Conde Nast House & Garden Gourmet  popped around one afternoon and made our life at home life look incredibly cool! We got to invite a few friends around and cook up a “French inspired lunch” with recipes from the family and a few others that I love!

    Lacoste took centre stage as usual!

    Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.07.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.07.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.07.55 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.08.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.08.26 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.09.01 PM

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  • Chefs Warehouse

    Cape Town is quickly making a name for itself as a foodie haven – remember when we only had Giovanni’s to rave about? Just have a look at Bree Street in the last two years – it’s fast becoming the food hub of Cape Town. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next two years!

    Chefs Warehouse on Bree is not new to Cape Town, but having recently moved to Bree Street it has become quite the trendy tapas hangout spot. I’ve visited the foodie shop inside the restaurant a few times but never actually had a meal. Finally I got to try it out last week.

    The whole setting is very cool indeed. The chef – Liam Tomlin – adds a nice touch by personally delivering each platter on a massive wooden board – explaining what the choice of tapas is for the day. More on the restaurant in a second..

    The foodie shop is somewhat irritating, as you want to buy all the knives and cool brass shiny pots. I’d take cash and leave my cards at home if I were you.  The cook book selection is impressive and great for Christmas shopping.

    You can also purchase from their deli, which features the likes of Rillette of Duck or Pork, Potted Shrimp, Potted Crab, Chicken Liver Parfait (with grape chutney) and… the list goes on – are you hungry yet? I think the next time I have guests over I will be visiting their cold fridge for entrées..

    Back to the restaurant – the menu is simple.. For lunch there is ‘Tapas For 2′ and that changes all the time. On this particular day we were spoilt with squid, corn risotto, seared tuna, sliced venison and lamb. The lamb was the classic ‘falling off the bone’ (with fat dripping) and was absolutely delicious! Honestly, we didn’t even have to chew.

    For dessert we had a Chocolate Hazelnut Fondant with Orange Ice Cream. Now how do you think that tasted? If you guessed DELICIOUS, you’d be correct.

    Give Chefs Warehouse a bash – it’s just fab!

    And did I mention they have a chocolate brown labrador? I wonder if it would be ok to take Lacoste along for lunch?













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  • Poetry

    Sudden cravings require one whole baguette and lots of honey! My best tip is to slightly heat the baguette so that it’s crispy – then the butter melts, the honey drips and with some freshly brewed tea, it all blends into one!

    I walked into Poetry the other day and was so taken aback by all their dresses this season. From stripes and vintage lace baby-doll inspired dresses, to kaftan beach dresses – I was in the changing rooms in a second! The stripe dress you see in the pic is the one I walked away with – perfect style for ladies with a bun in the oven! The shoes were actually an after thought – I noticed them while I was paying and didn’t have the energy to try them on. It also helps pretend you’re spending that much if you do it quickly – “size 7 please, and pop them into the bag quickly please..”

    Thanks, Poetry – I enjoyed that spontaneous mid-week shopping.







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  • A kaftan this summer?

    There are so many different ways to wear a kaftan, I think that’s why I love them so much! Over a bikini, over denims with a massive basket to the market, and – one of my classic faves – is ‘beach-to-bar,’ with panama hat and a cool bright-coloured Madwa clutch in hand!

    I had quite a few kaftan enquiries on the weekend, which only means one thing – summer is here at last! Thanks so much to my regular kaftan shoppers for all your support. And to those of you who have not yet got one – they also happen to be the perfect Christmas gift this season!

    If you are not quite sure about shopping my kaftans online just send me an email (sam@cafeducap.com) and I will send a few your way to try on.












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  • Picnic in the forest

    Vergelegen wine farm is no ordinary estate. It happens to have a Camphor forest and offers visitors a chance to picnic amongst giant peacocks, white table cloths, picnic baskets and roaming waiters. The walk from the car park to the picnic in itself is mesmerising. The Library – originally a winery built in 1816 – was converted to a library during the Phillips era. It is now home to a priceless collection of Sir Lionel Phillips books including ancient and modern history, travel journals and a small collection of Afrikana and French volumes. The grand oak trees, over 300 years old and believed to be the oldest living oak tree in Africa are also a sight to behold, but the rose garden in full bloom was truly a hit for me.

    when you first enter the camphor forest, it feels a bit like something from Lord Of The Rings. We thought we might be sharing lunch with ancient elves and hobbits. there is one very over-friendly and naughty  peacock who gets up close and personal whilst you snack on your picnic. He quite confidently expects you to surrender some of your baguette!

    The picnic itself is nothing to write home about… the usual stuff like hams, potato salad and a very simple cheese platter at the end with coffee -but that’s ok, because the experience of eating in this ancient forest is quite clearly the main highlight.

    Check out their website and book here.











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  • Spring Cleaning

    I mentioned a few weeks back on my picture worthy story that I was getting our garden ready for summer. I think that should go for our home as well. Out with dusty unwanted things and in with the new!

    Like the Christmas cards from last year need to get chucked, as spring cleaning cupboards take priority – even Lacoste has a special cupboard which gets a spring clean. All the chunky jerseys and coats need to be packed away. Except, of course, for my beloved trench – which always stays no matter what!

    Winter boots get boxed and stored, summer dresses unpacked, sandals  unpacked, and the Bensimon sneakers are thrown into the washing machine. That reminds me – the annual visit to the Havaianas store is needed.

    The orchids get swopped around in the greenhouse – the bulbs come in and the stems with no orchids go out for a much needed rest and some bright light. Even the in-door trees get a wipe down. It is only fair that the ones that have barely survived play musical chairs with the healthy ones. This means they all get a turn to be closer to the sun streaming through the window.

    And last but not least – the gin and tonics gets stacked, the silver gets a polish and voila – home is ready for tea with the family this Sunday!











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  • The Blue Cafe

    We love trying new breakfast places, especially when they’re down the road in Tamboerskloof! This one is something of a neighbourhood heirloom, as it has been around since 1904, trading under numerous names. We all knew it as the Daily Deli before, but now it is The Blue Café - a divine place that is just so quaint and cute, and – most importantly – the coffee is great!

    The houses over the road make for a stunning backdrop with their cute little gardens and neat patios in the front. The menu is small, a few breakfast dishes, cakes and croissants and freshly baked bread. What more could you ask from a café in your neighbourhood?

    The Blue Cafe
    13 Brownlow Road






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  • Car Spotting Tamboerskloof

    We spotted this vintage merc on the way to the Blue Cafe.


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