Bring Out Your Inner Animal!

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This story was inspired by my Street Style pic earlier this week here. Once a trashy print referred to as ‘common,’ is now a must-have wardrobe printed item.

I remember as a young girl, every time I went into a clothing store with my mother and sister they would cringe when I would go straight towards anything that had leopard print, gold shiny material or stiletto heels. My mother would immediately put her foot down and say “out of the bloody question.” Thank goodness I turned out ok.

It’s important to update your animal printed garments every season! A scarf is ideal, cocktail dress, animal Jump Suit as seen here on my recent shopping experience in Joburg! I always feel wild when I wear animal – it does take a bit of confidence to pull it off, but ounce you do you will feel like a glam, stylish, sexy lady!





Dolce & Gabbana animal print fashion




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