Downton Abbey

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Seth’s (2oceansvibe) mum told us about the most amazing period drama called Downton Abbey. She said that the fashion in the series was unbelievable. So we downloaded it on iTunes and my goodness, she was absolutely right!

I was chatting about it to my friend Emily Rose Bell, and she said I simply had to write about the fashion in the series. If you have not watch it I suggest you beg, borrow or steel the series on DVD as quickly as you can. I started watching it on a Friday night and had finished all 7 episodes by Sunday afternoon. I was very upset that it had finished, but quickly found out that series two will be coming out soon!

Girls, the fashion is epic! All the ladies do all day is choose their outfits for the evening and the next day – always looking beautiful, while they plot about who to marry. The other side to the story is what goes on downstairs in the servant’s quarters, revealing all sorts of scandalous tales, as they spend their time discussing and consuming themselves in what is going on upstairs!


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