Louis Vuitton Accessories Launch – Ellerman House

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On Thursday last week, Louis Vuitton held there accessories launch for Cape Town at Ellerman House in Bantry Bay! I could not believe how the Louis Vuitton team had converted an area by the pool (what was an art gallery) into what looked like a beautiful Louis Vuitton boutique for the afternoon!

The event was fabulous and I was very fortunate to be mingling with some of SA’s finest fashion opinion leaders. I got to toast some shampers with Naomi Larkin (House & Leisure Editor), Features Editor Leigh Roberton and Samantha Page (‘O’ Magazine Editor) who were all delightful! ..and elegant, I might add!

The accessories were stunning – lots of bright gems on the jewelry side with fun colour diamante bangles which you could pile up on your arm and look very stylish this summer. The scarves and neckties were fun with bright colour prints, and of course there were the traditional LV bags, but now including subtle hand-painted colour branding! My favourite was the new range from Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton. Very stylish and classic – what more could a girl want!

“Special orders are a glorious tradition at Louis Vuitton, which has always taken pride in fulfilling its customers’ most exceptional requests. From the legendry foldout trunk-bed designed by Louis and Georges Vuitton for expeditions to far-flung corners of the globe to the solar powered DVD and coffee secretary trunk, Louis Vuitton has devised countless elegant and ingenious ways to help its customers satisfy a specific need, express their individuality, or realize a dream”.

What is my special order going to be one day? How about a walk-in closet, on wheels! With a secret compartment for customs on the way back from buying trips!







Discussing the new range -Naomi Larkin House from Leisure Editor, Samantha Page (‘O’ Magazine Editor) and Priscila Monteiro PR manager for Louis Vuitton all the way from Brazil.







Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton – I ADORE!


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