More ways to wear a crop….

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So when the crop top came around for a second time I almost has an absoloute cadenza. Moi showing  some tummy is a big no-no, unless I am on a beach on a remote island somewhere. But I have learnt that there is another way to wear a cropped top and not look ridiculous (that is  if you don’t have an iron board for a stomach).

Skirts are a good way to go as you can wear them into your higher waist, thus hiding any skin.  My latest little scheme is wearing a vest underneath and layering – I love layering – always the preferred look. The cool thing is if you wear high waisted pants you can then show  a little skin and be part of the cool fashionista crowd. Up to you, either way the cropped top is here to stay and you don’t have to be shy to wear one anymore.

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