Oscars Best Dressed!

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And so the most legendary red carpet event, The Oscars, came and went this weekend. Celebrities across the globe attended the night of all nights, knowing full well almost the whole world’s eyes were upon them!

My goodness……. The next day after the oscars almost every girl is giving her 2 cents on who looked the best and who looked absolutely hideous! Shame…. as if being a star and not winning was not enough!

I thought this years garments were very clean and glamourous with hints of couture everywhere. However, I do find that the hideous outfits are becoming fewer and fewer -thank the Lord. Am not sure if anyone has upstaged Bjork’s swan outfit yet?

I thought Anne Hathaway was number 1. I know, I know lots of people thought Natalie was at the top of the list but that red gown for me just took my breath away!

Well done to Colin Firth and Natalie Portman for winning Best Actor and Best Actress award!

Pics taken from Glamour.com

Anne Hathaway – Valentino

Natalie Portman – Rodarte

Gwyneth Paltrow – Calvin Klein

Mila Kunis – Elie Saab

Cate Blanchett – Givenchy

Jennifer Hudson – Versace

Hilary Swank – Gucci

Halle Berry – Marchesa

Helen Mirren – Vivienne Westwood

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