Tina Turner

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I watched the Biography of Tina Turner on the History Channel the other day and got all Tina Turner happy again! I listened to some my favouite hits from her on vinyl like Addicted to love and Private Dancer! Am definitely going to ask Deco Dance (the new eighties club in Sea Point) to play those the next time we go dancing!

She is known as one of the most successful lady singers and has been in the game for 50 years! I think she has been chilling in Germany for a few years and staying out of the limelight to enjoy her life. After 50 years in the business Tina has nothing more to prove – she made it and is a legend in our eyes!

In her younger years she was married to Ike Turner who became her manger and led the road to success for both of them in the 70’s. After years of abuse to Tina and drug abuse she left him and almost everything she owned except her name and starter her career all over again! It was in the 80’s after she left Ike that she churned out record after record and hit after hit! And how’s  this, Ike died at the age of around 75 to a cocaine overdose! Spicy!

Love her vibe, what a fab story and amazing icon!

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