Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

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One of my all time most memorable childhood movies was National Velvet! I so wanted to be a horsey child and live on a farm! Then she starred in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof opposite Paul Newman and all I wanted to have was a white dress and heels and to be married to Paul Newman. Her life has been plagued by drama but no one can deny she will always be a  true Hollywood icon.

She was the first actress to be paid $1 million for her role in Cleopatra, starring with Richard Burton, a man she married twice! She had perfect eyebrows, beautiful thick styled hair, big eyes and a curvy figure like no other! Taylor could have passed as a queen!

She died yesterday at the age of 79, and I know the whole world will spend some time reveling in her achievements! I am going to watch National Velvet this Sunday after the vibe party whilst soothing a bit of a sore head! Perfect!

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