Jackie, Katie and the Iconic Pink Outfit!

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So I am hooked on “The Kennedys” TV Series. Katie Holmes plays the famous Jackie O’ and in some scenes looks almost identical. However, I doubt Jackie was a soft spoken poppie, which is sometimes the case in the series. The famous pink suit makes an appearance and it makes you sigh – what happened to that kind of dressing every day? I am set on buying some long white gloves this week….

The drama enlightens you on just how much the Kennedys endured as an iconic celebrity family. I must say I didn’t know that Jackie and Jack were both hooked on Amphetamin prescription drugs, or that Jackie was offered 1 million dollars to turn a blind eye on her husbands infidelity. Goodness!

Everyone plays a part in this series – from Frank Sinatra to the Mob and I hear, (although I have not got there yet) Marilyn sings her Happy Birthday song too. The series is a must see – I have always been fascinated by the so-called ‘Kennedy curse,’ and the series sheds some light on the family’s bad luck at times.

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