The Latest on Kate Moss Wedding Dress

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I think I have been ignoring Kate Moss a little while focusing on The Royal Wedding – found this awesome article to keep you up to date on Kate Moss’s big day!

What’s going on with Kate Moss‘s wedding dress?

Never having fantasised about wedding dresses, FS generally fails to get interested in all things meringuey. However, the whole Kate Moss/Jamie Hince wedding thing has got us excited. First you need to be fully up to date on the dress saga …

In the beginning … From the lips of the fashion gods themselves (well, Vivienne Westwood), we heard that Kate was designing her own dress: “I think she’s designing it herself. She has done her own fashion range and she knows about clothes. She knows what she is doing, she doesn’t need my help.” We weren’t sure about this – designing for Toppers is one thing, designing your own wedding dress is a whole different ball game.

On the second day … While taking bread at a Topshop dinner in February, Miss Moss said her longtime friend John Galliano would design it. Which turned out to be an EPIC bit of foot-in-mouthery as …

On the third day … Dear John allegedly decided had a drunken antisemitic rant, and thus invoked the wrath of the entire fashion world (except, perhaps, for model Jessica Stam). Despite this, people were still speculating that Galliano would design the dress.

On the fourth day … The Daily Mail saw a fashion shoot in Harpers and remembered that Alexander McQueen had been a great friend of Kate’s. OBVIOUSLY then, the dress was to be designed by Sarah Burton, the label’s newish head of design.

On the fifth day … Various publications cast around randomly for names connected with Ms Moss and magicked up Kate Halfpenny, the celebrity stylist slash designer who created the 70s dress Kate wore to her own 35th birthday party.

On the sixth day … Kate’s fiance, Jamie Hince, spoke on the matter and cleared up the Galliano thing, saying the rumours were “unfounded entirely”. (He also shared his thoughts on the whole event, which is worth a look on

And lo! Upon the seventh day, every other publication was bored with talking about it, leaving us free to fantasise about who we’d choose. Here are our top three:


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