Bryan Boy Glams Up Cape Town!


Bryan Boy is a famous fashion blogger from Manila (as all the fashionistas would know), that came to South Africa to inspire young fashion bloggers and tell them all the little secrets to becoming a great blogger. He is no ordinary blogger – Bryan Boy has met designers and celebrities all over the world and even had a bag named after him by Marc Jacobs! He has met Anna Wintour, editor from Vogue magazine and is a regular when it comes to front row seating at Fashion Weeks (especially D&G). Bryan Boy describes his fashion by saying that it is different every day and that it has to suit your personality. He is very humorous and dramatic and chooses his clothes to represent him in that way.

Editor of Marie Claire, Aspasia Karras together with Sunglass Hut did an amazing job in organizing this ounce in a lifetime opportunity! To get Bryan Boy to come host 2 fashion blogging workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town to answer all those questions we’ve always wondered about and tell us more about fashion and blogging. He had the honour to present the Best Blogger award at the Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Mode Awards in Johannesburg.

Fabulous Editor of Marie Claire SA, Aspasia Karras

Sam Walker, editor of PopYaCollar had the priviledge to interview Bryan Boy (for PopYaCollar TV) and one of the things you might like to know is that he does not look at other blogs to get ideas, he simply likes to read other fashion blogs to see people’s different style and ways of writing. He loves South Africa and he says our fashion is very interesting and definitely something worth writing about.

La Muse , Wedaad Adams from Sunglass Hut SA, Seth Rotherham from 2Oceansvibe Media

Sam Walker (La Muse) editor of PYC and William Rupert Mellor with Bryan Boy

Me and Bryan Boy, what an awesum opportunity.

Fashionable celebs such as Jen Su came to meet the famous blogger:

It was definitely a memorable moment for any fashion blogger to have the honour to meet Bryan Boy and I’m sure South Africa and their fashion definitely left a lasting impression on this fashion guru!

Elrico Bellingan

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