Flying Is For The Birds – ROVOS Rail Presents The Golden Age Of Luxury Train Travel

Flying Is For The Birds – ROVOS Rail Presents The Golden Age Of Luxury Train Travel

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Seth and I did the most incredible trip on Rovas Rail a couple weeks ago. The Journey lasted two nights traveling from Pretoria to Cape Town. We were so blown away that I was actually at a loss for words. Fortunately Seth penned his own account of the trip to which I concur 100% 😉

It sounds like one of those Indiana Jones movies, don’t you think? Indiana Jones and The Golden Age Of Luxury Train Travel!

We weren’t too far off, to be honest – as The Muse and I (accompanied by the Hardimans!) journeyed across South Africa, from Pretoria to Cape Town, stopping off at Kimberley and Matjiesfontein along the way. It’s the shortest of the journeys on offer at Rovos Rail – The Most Luxurious Train In The World. And that, my good friends, is exactly what it is.

I’m going to hit you with some pics from our trip on ROVOS RAIL, because words alone simply cannot describe the vibe. These are a mix of images – some of my own and some from their website.

The journey is ‘all in’ and the 5-star food, booze and service is on tap throughout the journey. I must say, there is something quite special about waking up, pulling down the blind, picking up the phone and ordering two cappuccinos as the sun rises over the Karoo. All this done while the train is moving – with giant windows RIGHT next to the bed.

That’s waking up, but tell me this, have you ever tried falling asleep on an old school moving train after devouring lobster tails and countless sherries? Well let me tell you something, it’s not hard. The longest it took me to fall asleep over the two nights, was one point seven seconds.

There were so many highlights, not least of which was downloading and reading the Sunday Times on my iPad as we cruised into Sunday morning. I was in a deluxe cabin and welcomed the international plugs, heaters, air-con, writing desk, wood panelling, private bathroom, fridge and cold. With thick, expensive towels, gowns and slippers.

The only let down was that it was only two nights – we could have EASILY done a week.

We’ve got the 28 day trip from Cape to Cairo firmly etched on our bucket list. You leave the train for a number of days for parts of that journey – includes plane charter and more!

Every person I have told about the my Pretoria to Cape Town trip have admitted that they were aware of the train, and were dying to go – but simply hadn’t got around to it. Which is a great error – especially now that they are running 2-for-1 specials for SA residents through June, July and August.

Yes, you heard me – and what better way to warm up this winter?

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