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We arrived in Corfu not sure what to expect – from the boat it looked like a normal lush fertile Greek island. We took the tender to shore and got a taxi to the “Old Town” which could be one of the most charming places I have ever been too. I have been saying these kinds of things (‘best ever’ and ‘most favourite’) quite often over the last few days, especially with food! I think I had the best lobster tails in my life last night…. anyway back to Corfu – a walk through the Old Town streets is a real treat for shoppers.

Markets are everywhere and prices are good. Again, the jewelry here stands out as a big commodity, but what caught my attention was the beautiful shops that offered handmade embroidered linen. I bought a small table cloth with napkins which I am sure we will use if it does not fit our table. We had lunch close to the shore to watch the signoras having a swim in the Ionian sea with their swimming caps on – looking very cool. It was here I would say I had the ‘best greek salad ever!’

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