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When we arrived in Mykonos the priority was to get to the main part of town to find some kaftans, as my luggage had still not arrived.  We ditched the tour buses and rented a scooter so we could get as far away from the tourists as possible. The main stretch of the town next to the sea is not so easy to walk through quickly, I spotted the most amazing sandals which I wanted to purchase for popyacollar-shop but I realised I have no more space and I will have to come on a separate buying trip for clothes! But they were all hand made and each one had some magnificent detail that is to die for.

Then there was the jewelry – I did a post about the earrings I bought here. It wasn’t easy to choose as there were so many awesome authentic pairs. I am going to look like some weird island goddess when I am back in Cape Town, wearing all my bits and pieces I have bought over this trip. I think somehow jewelry is the best to buy when traveling as it far more sentimental and means something every time you wear it.

After finding some kaftans to last me until my bags arrived, we left the main part of town and scootered to Ornos, Super Paradise and Elia. All these places are located on the beach with bars and luxurious views of yachts parked in the bays. We had lunch and got lost along the way which just added to the fun!

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