Venice Travel Diaries

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So my travel diaries are coming to an end 🙁    I actually came back to Cape Town last week Friday and I am currently in Mauritius for work. Very lucky that the office sent me off the day after I got back (to visit suppliers on an island). I love it when you have been away from your work desk for so long that you actually can’t wait to get back and get working again. I can say that I am very inspired and ready to give it all I got for the next few months.

What can I say about Venice? Hmmm… maybe that I feel it is the heart of Italy? Everywhere you walk you hear some kind of music playing from a band and every corner you walk around you see some kind of beautiful Venetian mask staring back at you. We were fascinated that St . Mark’s Square was literally under water when we arrived – no one seemed to mind that this romantic city is sinking! Turns out is is quite normal when it’s high tide.

In terms of fashion, when you’re talking about Venice you have to talk about the hand made lace. As you walk around just look above you through the windows to the boutiques and you will spot the most amazing hand-made lace sleeping gowns. The shoes are too expensive to comprehend, because almost all are branded designer wear –  but it was nice to get shoe envy and wish for a pair through the shop windows!

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