Harry’s Bar – Venice

Harry’s Bar – Venice

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I had to write about Harry’s Bar, where we ate during our visit to Venice! The bar is known to have one of the richest historys in the world, so if you happen to find yourself in Venice please go there for a special experience!

The story goes something like this : Giuseppe Cipriani who did not have money back in those days was working as a barman at Hotel Europa. One of his dreams was to have his own bar one day but but he didn’t have enough money. One of the hotel’s regular customers he used to serve, was an alcoholic by the name of Harry Pickering. Cipriani thought he was a fine young man that just needed some guidance in life.

Harry was at his wits end and Cipriani loaned him 10 000 Lira to give him a start. A few years later after long giving up the idea of ever seeing him again with his money, Harry arrived at the bar with an extra thirty thousand Lira to say thank you. The extra money was on condition that Cipriani opened a bar with him, and that it should be called ‘Harry’s Bar.’

We were told by my sister that if we visited the bar we had to order the carpaccio (which they invented), the famous risotto and of coarse a Bellini cocktail which was invented sometime between 1934 and 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani himself.

We were quite worried before we went that it would be really touristy and full but thankfully we followed our instincts and had the time of our lives!

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