2 Days in New York

2 Days in New York

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As a fashion buyer, it should take you no more then two days to get all your research and shopping done. When I go to New York, the easiest is to hit Soho first and walk it from beginning to the end, and then go to Fifth Ave to observe.

I have had pretty bad luck on this trip, as the minute I arrived I got the worst flu ever. Unfortunately I couldn’t lie in bed ‘cos I only had two days to work. At one point, from taking so many disprin, viral choice and god knows what, I was quite delirious and felt a bit like the girl in Lost in Translation.

The weather was amazing, which made it easier to walk around outside. The last time I was in New York it was covered in snow and miserably cold.. I have never seen the parks looks so cool on a summer’s day, with everyone lounging around on the grass. When we get hot in Cape Town, we go to the beach. In New York – they hit the park

About to hit Soho…

Dean & Deluca for a quick look-see and some on-the-go lunch..

I could not stop with the Instagram….

I have become a bit obsessed with baskets – wish I could fit a bunch in my suitcase

A visit to a park…Bryant Park

I took a similar pic last time in almost the same spot…here

Too cool..

Loved her vibe – retro mixed with Chanel

More of Bryant Park

Lunch and some tea…love this building ..

A visit to J Crew for a kaftan

My new peasant style top from Mango. I have seen so many that I am a little sick of them now. But why can’t I stop buying them??

A visit to Rosen Chadick fabric shop – so expensive….but so amazing…

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