Club 55 St Tropez

Club 55 St Tropez

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So when you’re on holiday there are some things that you just have to do, just to ‘tick that box.’ Club 55 is one of those boxes. So touristy and so contrived but soooooooo cool at the same time. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was that there was not one French person there, which makes you wonder where they’re all hanging. Everyone looks you up and down when you walk to your table, which is just part of the vibe I guess. I went into the shop on the beach – very excited – and wanted to buy about 50 kaftans for Popyacollar shop, until I saw the 150 euro price tag and thought better of it. They could very well be the best kaftans I have ever seen – so I took pics so I can have them made at a quarter of the price.

We got a great tip from a friend to drive to the other side of St Tropez to Tabou Beach Club which had less touritsts and more French people and great service. I should add that I had the best burger of my life! If you’re ever there, you must try it – it’s called the “Very Big Burger!”

On the way in we were very excited!

The famous beach from Hello Mag!

The fab shop

Look at those kaftans…

More of the shop

Club 55


Ticking the box with an Instagram pic to prove!

The famous burger at Club Tabou

Club Tabou!

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