Truffle Hunting – Holiday Diaries

Truffle Hunting – Holiday Diaries

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I almost forgot to write all about this amazing day we had in the south of France when we went truffle hunting! I didn’t even know that this type of hunting existed! We headed out to Johann and Lisa’s truffle farm, Les Pastras, early in the morning, You’ll notice on their website there is no address – and we can’t mention it here either, because we learnt that the Frenchies that live nearby go in at night and steal the valuable truffles.! It seams to be a pretty lucrative business to be in!

We were introduced to the little doggies who were going to be leading the trail to these amazing little expensive foods that grow in very dark wet areas under oak trees!

What happens is the doggies walk around sniffing the ground and as soon as they get a whiff of something they lie on that exact spot. The dog trainer then goes and digs a hole and if a truffle is found the dog gets a treat! We ended up getting kilos of this amazing truffle gold! Apparently they sell for EUR1,000 a kilo in peak seasons.

And yes we proceeded to the pool deck where we were given truffle entrees (see the pics) and truffle burgers using all of our recently acquired delectables.

Hello! Does that not sound amazing?








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