To Hotel Colombe And Back, Phew !

To Hotel Colombe And Back, Phew !

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We really wanted to go to St Paul de Vence to experience the little hill top village, where Picasso used to hang out with all his artist buddies! Although driving for 40 minutes on a scooter through Nice and onto a French highway is just a little scary!

Our choice of transport over here is a scooter, so I played navigator with Google maps, and had a small wobbly when I realised we were heading for a five-lane highway, which is the only way to get to St Paul de Vence. I think I was ever-so-slightly underdressed, wearing a see-through kaftan and flip flops.

We arrived and were so hungry from all the excitement, so we went straight to Hotel Colombe d’Or. for the uninitiated, La Colombe d’Or is to the French Riviera what Cafe de Flore is to Paris. Famous artists like Picasso and Matisse used to party here in the 1920s, sometimes leaving their mark by painting on the walls. Today, the art selection is better than any museum I’ve ever been to.

I hate going to touristy places, but this should definitely be on your list for the cool ambience and  gastronomic adventure. I loath asparagus spears but the waiter convinced me and my issues with asparagus melted away forever, after that first bite!

Ps. The ride back was easy-peasy (with a little help from my friend Rosé)..







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