Chateau de la Chevre d’Or – Eze

Chateau de la Chevre d’Or – Eze

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Between Cap Ferrat and Monaco, high up on a hilltop, is a medieval town called Eze. If you want to find out what the feel of Côte d’Azur was thousands of years ago, then this the place. “Walt Disney is rumored to have found the unique colors of his vision here.”

Situated at the very top of the historical village is Chateau de la Chevre d’Or. Bono’s Mediterranean hideaway is just below this Chateau and he is known to pop up every now and then whilst on holiday for drinks on Chateau Eza’s terrace! So, naturally, we did just that! The view is quite surreal… overlooking the bay from Monaco to Villefranche, with Paul Allan’s yacht Octopus in the middle. It’s quite  a vibe!

The hotel itself also throws out a spectacular scene – the rooms seem to spread out all throughout the ancient hill top village, so you can expect to bump into chefs carrying freshly basked pastries,  porters carrying bags, and guests leaving their rooms, as you cruise around. This is all right in the middle of the old village pathways and the now expensive tourist boutiques.

If you are ever passing through or find your self staying close by on the Côte d’Azur, a drink by the pool is a must in my book!



The pathways in-between the hotel rooms in the old village


The view from the terrace where we had drinks over looking the bay – can you see Octopus?


Still wondering around – bewildered!


Inside the castle-like bar..


Inside the hotel – as far as I got to see inside.. Luxurious at it’s best!


Seth smiling!


A cactus which had been signed by old lovers!


Bumping into the one of the hotel chefs whilst wondering around the village


When you look up this is often what you see, flowers growing over the old walls.


The cat we spotted on the terrace whilst having drinks.. It’s a cat’s life in Eze!

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