Crudités with Anchovy dipping sauce, ala Club 55

Crudités with Anchovy dipping sauce, ala Club 55

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We have tried the ‘Crudité’s at a few restaurants in the South of France. The best one being at Club 55, in St. Tropez. The basket is served as a make-your-own salad, with boiled egg, baguette and a dipping anchovy sauce that is too divine!

When we got home to Menerbes we thought we had to make it ourselves! We googled to try and find the recipe, and landed on this heading: Crudités with Anchovy dipping sauce, ala Club 55.

Wow – doesn’t get more spot-on than that! So, I thought I would share it with you.

No more making and chopping salads for your guests. Slice and dice it on your own, dip into the sauce and voila!

The Veg
X4 Carrots
X2 Whole fresh Artichokes (Steamed for 30-40 mins)
Raw cauliflower heads
X7 Raw radishes
Half a cucumber
Whole red pepper
Celery sticks
Sugar snap peas
One Fennel bulb cut into 6
Roughly chop and arrange around a dipping bowl on a rustic platter

The Sauce
Juice of x2 lemons
X1 egg white
X8 anchovies
X1 heaped tablespoon capers
Ground black pepper to taste
X1 Tblsp English mustard
X2 raw cloves garlic
125ml Cold pressed organic Olive oil
125g Philadelphia cream cheese
Blend everything together until smooth and pour into dipping bowl.
Enjoy in the sunshine with great friends, family and a glass of chilly French rosé.


The classic style Crudités at Club 55


Crudités served at Mas Provincial…


Our Version..


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