Paloma Beach-To-Bar

Paloma Beach-To-Bar

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Where to begin? Paloma Beach in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat has become our hang-out spot for the week! We were luck enough to have my sister Lindsay and her husband Mike with us. Lindsay is a traveling chef on a massive yacht and Mike is the captain. They’re busy ‘jumping shi,’ as it were, so their timing was fab! We also have Mark and Alex from London for a couple of days – so what better way to spend the day with loved ones that we haven’t seen a while!

The day began on a fabulous couch area, with a few dishes to get us going. The one that stood out for me was the deep-fried Zucchini – Mmmm. Oh and of course the foie gras…oh dear! A few bottles of rosé later  and we all started jumping off the jetty like none of us had ever jumped into the Mediterranean before. So many pictures and so much laughter!

Paloma is GREAT for people watching – have a look at the spicy ripped seventy year old (slight exaggeration) in the teeny tiny speedo! Not to mention the topless ladies tanning on the desk chairs which I had to snap a picture of.

Speaking of which, how do we feel about this, girls? Such a loose subject. Over here grannies topless tan and aren’t shy of a G-string whilst doing it!

Before bed we got a table and ate a delicious meal! The most famous dish on the menu, that comes highly recommended by our airport taxi driver was the lobster pasta! Oh boy – you need to have it. And make sure you smother your baguette with the left over creamy sauce !

The concept of beach-to-bar is literally beach to bar over here! There are about 20 changing rooms at the back of the restaurant, all facing the sea. Everyone starts changing for dinner around 7pm – the kaftans are bright and the shoes are sparkling. This place has a super cool vibe.

All fall down earlyish – tomorrow’s another day!


Paloma logo – how divine?


Starting to have the most fun day – EVER!


All very well behaved whilst catching up.




Lobster dish


Ready-set- go..20140604-175037.jpg




Off to bed.



And back the next day, lying on the deck chairs the entire day, ordering a tray served on our laps for lunch!

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