To Club 55 and Back

To Club 55 and Back

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Part of the excitement for this trip was that we had organised to charter a sail yacht to pick us up in St Raphael, which would then take us across to St Tropez for the day. We also arranged a ‘zodiac’ (ie rubber duck) to pick us up from the bay and take us to Club 55 for lunch – a service provided by the restaurant. This all seemed to be standard procedure for a perfect day on a yacht on the Côte d’Azur!

The skies were perfect for a day on the seas, except for the fact that we had hardly any wind for the sails – so we cruised for a bit at a mellow pace with the motor. But because we were all a little sea sick from too much rosé the night before, it was decided that the sails going up would make us feel far less queasy. This also meant that it would take us 3 hours going at around 3 knots to get to Club 55 for our much anticipated lunch. It also meant that some of us could take a turn at the wheel (which I did for about 2 hours!).

Once we arrived – we all jumped into the ocean for a much needed swim.  The excitement of being able to jump off the boat into clear turquoise Mediterranean water helped with the hangover and got us all very happy! The French captain then handed out some more rosé, some pesto dip with baguette and a santé to our South African crew. Then he called Club 55 to come and fetch his hungry crew!










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