Flying High

Flying High

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Seth got his licence after 6 months of hard work and dedication – clocking his hours between meetings and studying on the weekends..  I went up for the first time last week and wow – AMAZING!

The day happened to be a little windy and not to sound like a basket case,  I felt a bit twitchy about going up. But once in the air and over the sea towards Table Montain, all fear subsided and I settled into an incredible experience. Around the mountain we went and past Camps Bay where my mom gave us a wave outside her shop – even though we were 2000 feet above!

Then we headed towards Scarborough, across to Simons Town and over Muizenberg to do some much anticipated shark spotting – to no avail (hopefully next time!). There we were told by air traffic control (here I found the whole radio procedure quite funny.. not use to seeing Seth so serious) to go below 500 feet as we crossed the Cape Town International flight path over to Stellenbosch. That was pretty cool as we got a closer look at the beach! Then it was over the vines and back to the airport at Fisantekraal, where we crabbed due to a 15 knot cross wind! The new word ‘crabbing’ was explained in detail to me whilst landing, it’s when you descend a little sideways to the runway, as the wind blows from the side!

The experience  has brought on lots of celebrating – including oysters and loads of late night adventure talk about flying over places like the Namibian desert one day…













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