Settling into the South of France

Settling into the South of France

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Still in Menerbes and the general feeling is we don’t ever want to leave. Gosh, time is all over the place here – what day is it? What’s happening in the world? If Seth did not walk down to the local Tabac on Sundays to collect the FT Weekend, I seriously wouldn’t know what the hell is going on in the world.

Everything is almost too beautiful to take in during our evening walks with Franki. When we arrived there were no leaves on the vines and now they are in full bloom. In fact every day we walk we notice how different the valley looks – the constant change is that visible. And what is it about those poppy fields? I want to dive in, every time I see one. I think if I ask Seth to stop on the side of the road one more time he might choose to rather go off a bridge.

I went to the La Mirande cooking school in Avignon for a day cooking course which was a lovely birthday pressie from my mum-in-law – I must write about that soon! So thanks to the course and my new culinary skills,  I  managed to make a veg broth one evening at home. Peas, broad-beans and asparagus, with special Bigorre’s bacon and lots of Coriander, brewed in a veg stock with some wine and butter (the French sure do love their butter in their recipes). Oh, and a pouched egg on top to finish it off (which I might add I have been practising every day and now I can make it without being scarred!). A very yummy dish and of course using the baguette to clean the plate at the end is awesome!

We found such amazing finds at the market – our annual panama hat purchase was just the beginning – and I also managed  to find some divine antique grain sacks and baskets. See the pics below.

We are so lucky that the grandparents are over here and are able to look after Franki whilst we have a few sips of rosé during lunch. We’d be silly not too, right?!

Not that it’s too difficult – all the grannies in the village are fighting over her! Lucky Girl!