Memories of St Tropez

Memories of St Tropez

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Visiting St. Tropez happened with Franki in tow. First – of course – came a visit to Club 55 for Crudités. I’m not sure what I love the most about about this dish – the presentation and the fact that it all arrives raw and un-chopped at the table or that the anchovy dressing is just sooooo damn good!

A quick visit to the famous Wednesday Place des Lices market was quite interesting with a three month old. We scouted around for the usual kaftan stands which I always go to and I couldn’t believe how packed the place was at 9am. Gosh, I thought I was early!

The place was humming and I was negotiating prices with the husband showing signs of collapse. Seth headed off to give me time to dive in. After nailing some cheese and stripe-t-shirt purchases – he returned and got my attention, pointing to the cafe off the road. Off he went with the pram to settle into a pastis. I emerged an hour later (with five massive bags of kaftans for the shop) to a nice cold glass of Rosé and omelette! We make a good team 😉

We headed back to the hotel for a quick post-lunch siesta and a moment to sort through what I had bought. Franki was mesmerised by all the colours above the bed where I hung the kaftans! After a quick dip in the hotel pool we headed out for dinner at Senequier.

It was escargots to start, followed by steak tartare and lamb chops. Add to that the magnificent view of the yachts moored 10 metres in front of us, and you’ve got quite an entertaining setting. It’s the perfect distance for people watching – you can literally hear all the conversations of the wealthy yacht families having dinner on the yachts. I didn’t understand much of the Russian, but it was quite a scene!

If you were wondering about the garlic from the GIANT snails below, yes, the fumes were quite excessive – poor Franki!