Staycation – Andros Boutique hotel

Staycation – Andros Boutique hotel

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The photos I saw on their website before we checked in suggested an established ’boutique’ hotel, and yet I couldn’t imagine where it was located; even though I felt I knew Claremont like the back of my hand. I guess that further emphasises the privacy aspect, when it comes to these boutique hotels.


As I predicted, the property was not visible from the road. I drove in, still wondering how the buildings and gardens I saw on the website would be able to fit in the surrounding suburbia, close to Wet Pups. But somehow it did – as the Sir Herbert Baker designed 1908 Cape Colonial homestead revealed itself during my slow cruise up the driveway.

I’m a sucker for unnecessary but much-welcomed detail, and the Andros delivers it by the truck load. And it’s not just the usual extras you might be used to at fine establishments; it’s the other, far more unique details that left me substantially satisfied.

I’m talking complimentary sherry and port stations, EVERYWHERE. I’m talking complimentary jars of sweets and confectioneries EVERYWHERE. Even our suite had a decanter of whiskey with crystal glasses on a tray. Next to that was a rack of wine bottles from various local vineyards – with a sign urging guests to partake.

Don’t mind if I do!

I started to contemplate why anyone would choose the Vineyard Hotel down the road, over a 5-star boutique hotel like the Andros. What limitations are there?

The features, details and service (and food – my God!) are on a par, if not better than the Vineyard, and you also don’t have to deal with more guests loitering around, more staff faffing over you, less privacy and the general public sharing your space. I can’t imagine why someone would CHOOSE the latter over something far more private and intimate?

The size alone gives that special secure and private atmosphere that is so hard to find these days – plus it ensures the wi-fi works throughout the property ! May I just add that it was fast enough for Netflix streaming-movies to work from my Apple TV I brought along!

Now I don’t know if you’ll be travelling to Cape Town any time soon, or maybe you live here and have fiends coming through to town soon. Whatever the case may be, I think I have found a little gem, nestled in the tree-lined avenues of Claremont – with everything and more than you can imagine waiting for you.