St James Haven

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There is nothing better in the world than weekend lunches with best friends and family. This past Saturday we took an awesome … Read More

A Day Spent at Babylonstoren – Franschhoek

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We went for a long Sunday lunch in Franschhoek at a fantastic little restaurant called Babylonstoren. The restaurant is situated on a magnificent farm (turned hotel) owned by media man Koos Bekker and his stunning wife Karen Roos, former editor of Elle Decoration in South Africa. I got a great picture of Karen standing in the background with a very stylish outfit on – safari inspired with fabulous panama hat and her trademark red lipstick.

What a great way to spend a Sunday with family and friends enjoying good food and the best conversation. The farm has a famous garden which stretches out for miles which is an exact replica of the original Cape Town Company Gardens . Truly breathtaking, and what is even more terrific is in-between starters and mains you take your glass of vino and walk around the gardens. Click through to see more pictures from our lovely day!

Bryan Boy Glams Up Cape Town!


Bryan Boy is a famous fashion blogger from Manila (as all the fashionistas would know!) that came to South Africa to inspire young fashion bloggers and tell them all the little secrets to becoming a great blogger. He is no ordinary blogger – Bryan Boy has met designers and celebrities all over the world and even had a bag named after him by Marc Jacobs! He has met Anna Wintour…

Fashion Illustrations

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Inspired by a street style pic taken by The Satorialist, makes for some great summer wearing. Long bright coloured skirts with vests and sandals are the highlight look for this season in Cape Town.

Fashion Illustrations

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So I mentioned a couple of months ago that I would have a go at fashion drawing. My first few attempts were quite scary but after a few Saturdays in my PJ’s practicing, I finally plucked up enough courage to show you. They are certainly not in the league of old Karl’s drawings but I had fun doing them. I drew this from one of The Satorialist’s street style pics.

Street Style – LA

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This is clearly not the first time this guy has been hounded by the paparazzi…love the denim on denim look!

Street Style – LA

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Gorgeous parker, an essential piece in one’s wardrobe in winter. I must go to Sunglass Hut and see if there are any royal blue wayfarers. These last few pics of my LA buying trip a few months ago are almost coming to an end, will definitely be seeking out the fashionistas attending Cape Town Fashion Week this week and posting them on Popyacollar.

Street Style – LA

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So cute to wear little socks with kitten heel high heels. I have never done it before but so want to try. Took this picture in LA and I must remember to try it in summer. Love her vibe.

Popyacollar Does Marie Claire

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You have to pick up this month’s edition of Marie Claire, there is a fab article on online shopping that you must check out. What’s more, Popyacollar managed to crack a mention too on page 75. Thanks for the support Marie Claire.

Street Style – LA

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It’s very weird to see summer street style pictures whilst we are freezing here in Cape Town. This is meant to keep you warm and get you thinking about summer. We are exactly half way through the year and stores are about to launch there Spring ranges so its best we start getting inspired.

Street Style – LA


Love the stripe T shirt and the espadrilles, very casual and classic – big thumbs up.

Street Style – LA

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Think the colour combo here is fab, you cannot go wrong with navy and stone. Took this picture on Rodeo Drive where everybody kind of dresses like this all the time.

More from Cassis


We spent a few days in Cassis again, and I still am in love with the little French seaside village. I have written about it before here. This time, we were there on a Friday, which meant we could enjoy the street market. I got a few really great purchases which I will write about a little later (I am on holiday so I’m trying to write a little less). I cannot begin to explain how cool the clothes are at the market: there is definitely something for everyone. I think that, on my way home, my baggage is certainly going to be over-weight – oh dear!

Street Style – London

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Love the whole outfit, what a divine blue tailored suit jacket. The shades sticking out of the jacket pocket are a nice touch and the big leather shopper is very stylish indeed. The orange belt compliments the blue colour on top and the stone colour slacks and shoes are sending the message – don’t mess with me I know all about style! Big thumbs up!

Street Style – London

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Love the laid back London look, the tie with the loosely tucked in shirt especially. These 2 were terrific…

Street Style – London

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Adore the white sneakers worn with black stockings – a lovely winter look from which to draw some inspiration…

Candice Boucher Attends Cannes Film Festival

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Candice Boucher attended her first Cannes film festival with confidence and style. Wearing a sheer black see-through dress designed by Gavin Rajah, she wowed the crowd and apparently made a lasting wonderful impression. Candice is over there promoting a Bollywood movie called Azaan which was shot all around the world, including Cape Town. See some of these amazing shots of her sexy dress!

Go Candice we are very proud of you!

Street Style- London

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Take Ivy fashion inspired!

“Take Ivy, originally published in Japan in 1965, set off an explosion of American “Ivy Style” fashion amongst the students of the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. The New York Times described it as “a treasure of fashion insiders”. Take Ivy has been the Ivy League Bible for the Japanese baby boomers, who were very much into the whole Ivy League look, having been a very rare find in the West, garnering auction prices as high as $2000. Take Ivy was authored by four Japanese sartorial style enthusiasts and is a collection of candid photographs shot on the campuses of America’s elite Ivy League universities…..

Street Style – Barcelona

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The pleated skirt is hot on the must have list in terms of fashionista have to have items this season. This was on the top of my list of things to get, but unfortunately from seeing so many every where I have suddenly retracted and thought better of it. Not sure why that happens sometimes.

Street Style – Barcelona

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Bright stripes are looking gorgeous on t – shirts or dresses. Spotted this stylish young Spanish fashionista amongst the crowd. All the brands on the high streets have done a version of the stripe dress inspired by Prada of course.

The latest looks from H&M Magazine

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Oh my goodness these looks are amazing – H&M are looking Hot this season! Loving the ditsy mixed with animal print and the tan seude Leather jacket! Am off on a buying trip today for Woolworths for 2 weeks hitting London, Barcelona, LA and then onto Hong Kong. Definitely going to go past H&M and fill up my shopping bag, better make a list of what I need! Will keep you posted.

Labelwear Studio

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Popyacollar loves new cool places to shop, and Labelwear is one of those little gems that fashionista’s fall in love with instantly. The ready to wear collection is feminine, edgy and stylish. I recently published a Today I am Wearing post wearing a riding jacket which I acquired at the studio here .

The Latest on Kate Moss Wedding Dress

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What’s going on with Kate Moss’s wedding dress?

Never having fantasised about wedding dresses, FS generally fails to get interested in all things meringuey. However, the whole Kate Moss/Jamie Hince wedding thing has got us excited. First you need to be fully up to date on the dress saga …

Coachella Festival 2011

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Love looking at outfits worn to festivals. Got these great pics from For those of you that don’t know, Coachella Valley Music and arts festival is held every year in California at the Empire Polo fields, it played host this year to Kings of leon, Kanye West and Duran Duran. The event has several stages playing alternative rock, Hip Hop and Electronic Music – sounds fab!

Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo Pictures Gallery

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Countless celebrities and VIPs came out for a day in the Winelands, and were seen dressed by top designers such as Malcolm Kluk, Gavin Rajah and Hendrik Vermeulen Couturier amongst others. Celebrities seen at the event were Jeannie D, Vanessa Haywood, Elana Africa, Mark Bayly, Sonia and Matthew Booth, Vanessa Marawa, Rosie Motene and many more.

Popyacollar “City Boy” Fashion Shoot!

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We hit Cape Town central in the early hours of the morning, to catch Graham Murray going about his usual business day, in a stylish Armani Suit! Photographer David Sessions joining us all the way from London made our vision come true. Mixing his raw and edgy imagery he produced some of the most amazing pictorial images I have seen yet on our website.

A Few Not-So-Inspiring Outfits!

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I love writing about what inspires me and what drives me in terms of fashion trends. It’s not really my style to judge fashion from a negative point of view. BUT sometimes you come across an individuals style and you just wonder how they could get it so wrong.

The Trending Clutch Bag!

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The clutch is happening girls – from the envelope flap to the dazzling sparkle and the vintage assorted clutches. If you only have one it’s not enough! The it bag is all about taking a load off and carrying around only the bear essentials – lipstick, cash and phone! If I had to throw out the entire contents of bag right I would be blushing with embarrassment – I am a collector of all this called bag things!

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