Café du Cap’s flagship retail outlet at 113 Loop Street (in the Cartel House building) is a very beautiful, very relaxed, place for you to enjoy yourself and indulge in some delicious homemade, wholesome eats and treats. In terms of background music, you can expect some French Cafe, jazz, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra. Edith Piaf, Rolling Stones – that kind of thing.

Hours are 07h30 to 17h00, Monday to Friday.

The latest issues of FT Weekend, Monocle, Architectural Digest and Conde Nast Traveler are available for you to indulge in some quality journalism, where the headlines actually make sense.

There are exquisite ladies’ kaftans available alongside rare copper pots, vintage French homeware and furniture.

This place is staggeringly Instagram friendly.

There’s a hot plate ‘Plat du Jour’ lunch table and salad bar that will become addictive. All your dream sandwiches are available, as well as the best Croque Monsieurs in Cape Town. We serve that with crisps on the side, like in France.  Quiche, killer cheese cake, perfectly roasted coffee – it’s all there.

Seriously – this is no joke.

Check out our menu here

Café du Cap is brought to you by 2oceansvibe, so you can be sure the service will be on a level we are used to “when traveling abroad.”

We look forward to having you.

…(bows and exits in reverse)



Café du Cap can be found at Cartel House, 113 Loop, Cape Town.