Café du Cap is located at Kildare Centre, Newlands Village, Cape Town


Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm
Saturday 8am to 9pm
Sundays from 8am to 3pm

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And don’t forget our delicious daily harvest table!

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This ultimate white embroidered on blue chiffon is “a Marrakesh lifestyle” inspired kaftan, the extravagant piece comes with just the right amount … Read More

New York

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The Standard Hotel – (New York City’s Meatpacking District). Chobani SoHo – one-of-a-kind Mediterranean yogurt bar. The High Line – “The High … Read More

Dirt Therapy

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Our dear friend Katherine Barlow – who I have written about once before here (and whom I might add has the most amazing … Read More

Flying High

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Seth got his licence after 6 months of hard work and dedication – clocking his hours between meetings and studying on the … Read More


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I just arrived in London and it’s Freeeeeeeeeeeeezing! I went straight to my favourite store Margaret Howell, they weren’t too keen on … Read More


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Once in a while it’s great to get away – like really far away! Need I say more! #traveldiary

Private Collections

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Part of my big to-do-list for 2014 was to print photographs from our wedding (ages ago) and our family holiday to Zambia … Read More

Seafood Potjie Pot

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So nice to finally have a braai area in our new place, especially for days like this when family is around and … Read More

Some French Press :-)

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Haha! How cool, our wedding picture for the civil ceremony was used in two local French newspapers! Now that’s something that doesn’t … Read More

Street Style – Rome

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Classic Italian businessman. I love the colour of his suit, I love the shades and love his determination!

Buon giorno!

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We went to go see the Spanish Steps yesterday and at the bottom near the fountain was a group of the most … Read More

St James Haven

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There is nothing better in the world than weekend lunches with best friends and family. This past Saturday we took an awesome … Read More

A Day Spent at Babylonstoren – Franschhoek

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We went for a long Sunday lunch in Franschhoek at a fantastic little restaurant called Babylonstoren. The restaurant is situated on a magnificent farm (turned hotel) owned by media man Koos Bekker and his stunning wife Karen Roos, former editor of Elle Decoration in South Africa. I got a great picture of Karen standing in the background with a very stylish outfit on – safari inspired with fabulous panama hat and her trademark red lipstick.

What a great way to spend a Sunday with family and friends enjoying good food and the best conversation. The farm has a famous garden which stretches out for miles which is an exact replica of the original Cape Town Company Gardens . Truly breathtaking, and what is even more terrific is in-between starters and mains you take your glass of vino and walk around the gardens. Click through to see more pictures from our lovely day!

Bryan Boy Glams Up Cape Town!


Bryan Boy is a famous fashion blogger from Manila (as all the fashionistas would know!) that came to South Africa to inspire young fashion bloggers and tell them all the little secrets to becoming a great blogger. He is no ordinary blogger – Bryan Boy has met designers and celebrities all over the world and even had a bag named after him by Marc Jacobs! He has met Anna Wintour…

Fashion Illustrations

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Inspired by a street style pic taken by The Satorialist, makes for some great summer wearing. Long bright coloured skirts with vests and sandals are the highlight look for this season in Cape Town.

Fashion Illustrations

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So I mentioned a couple of months ago that I would have a go at fashion drawing. My first few attempts were quite scary but after a few Saturdays in my PJ’s practicing, I finally plucked up enough courage to show you. They are certainly not in the league of old Karl’s drawings but I had fun doing them. I drew this from one of The Satorialist’s street style pics.

Street Style – LA

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This is clearly not the first time this guy has been hounded by the paparazzi…love the denim on denim look!

Street Style – LA

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Gorgeous parker, an essential piece in one’s wardrobe in winter. I must go to Sunglass Hut and see if there are any royal blue wayfarers. These last few pics of my LA buying trip a few months ago are almost coming to an end, will definitely be seeking out the fashionistas attending Cape Town Fashion Week this week and posting them on Popyacollar.

Street Style – LA

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So cute to wear little socks with kitten heel high heels. I have never done it before but so want to try. Took this picture in LA and I must remember to try it in summer. Love her vibe.

Popyacollar Does Marie Claire

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You have to pick up this month’s edition of Marie Claire, there is a fab article on online shopping that you must check out. What’s more, Popyacollar managed to crack a mention too on page 75. Thanks for the support Marie Claire.

Street Style – LA

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It’s very weird to see summer street style pictures whilst we are freezing here in Cape Town. This is meant to keep you warm and get you thinking about summer. We are exactly half way through the year and stores are about to launch there Spring ranges so its best we start getting inspired.

Street Style – LA


Love the stripe T shirt and the espadrilles, very casual and classic – big thumbs up.

Street Style – LA

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Think the colour combo here is fab, you cannot go wrong with navy and stone. Took this picture on Rodeo Drive where everybody kind of dresses like this all the time.

More from Cassis


We spent a few days in Cassis again, and I still am in love with the little French seaside village. I have written about it before here. This time, we were there on a Friday, which meant we could enjoy the street market. I got a few really great purchases which I will write about a little later (I am on holiday so I’m trying to write a little less). I cannot begin to explain how cool the clothes are at the market: there is definitely something for everyone. I think that, on my way home, my baggage is certainly going to be over-weight – oh dear!

Street Style – London

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Love the whole outfit, what a divine blue tailored suit jacket. The shades sticking out of the jacket pocket are a nice touch and the big leather shopper is very stylish indeed. The orange belt compliments the blue colour on top and the stone colour slacks and shoes are sending the message – don’t mess with me I know all about style! Big thumbs up!

Street Style – London

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Love the laid back London look, the tie with the loosely tucked in shirt especially. These 2 were terrific…

Street Style – London

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Adore the white sneakers worn with black stockings – a lovely winter look from which to draw some inspiration…

Candice Boucher Attends Cannes Film Festival

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Candice Boucher attended her first Cannes film festival with confidence and style. Wearing a sheer black see-through dress designed by Gavin Rajah, she wowed the crowd and apparently made a lasting wonderful impression. Candice is over there promoting a Bollywood movie called Azaan which was shot all around the world, including Cape Town. See some of these amazing shots of her sexy dress!

Go Candice we are very proud of you!

Street Style- London

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Take Ivy fashion inspired!

“Take Ivy, originally published in Japan in 1965, set off an explosion of American “Ivy Style” fashion amongst the students of the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. The New York Times described it as “a treasure of fashion insiders”. Take Ivy has been the Ivy League Bible for the Japanese baby boomers, who were very much into the whole Ivy League look, having been a very rare find in the West, garnering auction prices as high as $2000. Take Ivy was authored by four Japanese sartorial style enthusiasts and is a collection of candid photographs shot on the campuses of America’s elite Ivy League universities…..

Street Style – Barcelona

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The pleated skirt is hot on the must have list in terms of fashionista have to have items this season. This was on the top of my list of things to get, but unfortunately from seeing so many every where I have suddenly retracted and thought better of it. Not sure why that happens sometimes.

Street Style – Barcelona

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Bright stripes are looking gorgeous on t – shirts or dresses. Spotted this stylish young Spanish fashionista amongst the crowd. All the brands on the high streets have done a version of the stripe dress inspired by Prada of course.

The latest looks from H&M Magazine

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Oh my goodness these looks are amazing – H&M are looking Hot this season! Loving the ditsy mixed with animal print and the tan seude Leather jacket! Am off on a buying trip today for Woolworths for 2 weeks hitting London, Barcelona, LA and then onto Hong Kong. Definitely going to go past H&M and fill up my shopping bag, better make a list of what I need! Will keep you posted.

Labelwear Studio

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Popyacollar loves new cool places to shop, and Labelwear is one of those little gems that fashionista’s fall in love with instantly. The ready to wear collection is feminine, edgy and stylish. I recently published a Today I am Wearing post wearing a riding jacket which I acquired at the studio here .

The Latest on Kate Moss Wedding Dress

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What’s going on with Kate Moss’s wedding dress?

Never having fantasised about wedding dresses, FS generally fails to get interested in all things meringuey. However, the whole Kate Moss/Jamie Hince wedding thing has got us excited. First you need to be fully up to date on the dress saga …

Coachella Festival 2011

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Love looking at outfits worn to festivals. Got these great pics from For those of you that don’t know, Coachella Valley Music and arts festival is held every year in California at the Empire Polo fields, it played host this year to Kings of leon, Kanye West and Duran Duran. The event has several stages playing alternative rock, Hip Hop and Electronic Music – sounds fab!

Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo Pictures Gallery

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Countless celebrities and VIPs came out for a day in the Winelands, and were seen dressed by top designers such as Malcolm Kluk, Gavin Rajah and Hendrik Vermeulen Couturier amongst others. Celebrities seen at the event were Jeannie D, Vanessa Haywood, Elana Africa, Mark Bayly, Sonia and Matthew Booth, Vanessa Marawa, Rosie Motene and many more.

Popyacollar “City Boy” Fashion Shoot!

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We hit Cape Town central in the early hours of the morning, to catch Graham Murray going about his usual business day, in a stylish Armani Suit! Photographer David Sessions joining us all the way from London made our vision come true. Mixing his raw and edgy imagery he produced some of the most amazing pictorial images I have seen yet on our website.

A Few Not-So-Inspiring Outfits!

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I love writing about what inspires me and what drives me in terms of fashion trends. It’s not really my style to judge fashion from a negative point of view. BUT sometimes you come across an individuals style and you just wonder how they could get it so wrong.

The Trending Clutch Bag!

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The clutch is happening girls – from the envelope flap to the dazzling sparkle and the vintage assorted clutches. If you only have one it’s not enough! The it bag is all about taking a load off and carrying around only the bear essentials – lipstick, cash and phone! If I had to throw out the entire contents of bag right I would be blushing with embarrassment – I am a collector of all this called bag things!

J Crew Pink Toenails – Big No No…

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When J. Crew sent out its latest catalog, we doubt that the classic clothing company expected it would be blasted by social conservatives as “transgendered child propaganda.” But alas, it has.
The images in question fall under pages titled “Saturday with Jenna” — featuring products personally favored by J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons and her family. This particular Saturday for Jenna includes painting her five-year-old son Beckett’s toenails pink. The caption reads, “Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”

Models Street Style

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Thought you might like some inspiration for winter dressing which is around the corner – leg warmers are looking very chic and leggings are still the most wanted and needed item for layering!

Miu Miu Cleared of Using Underweight Models!

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Two people complained to the ASA that the model – who is wearing a ‘low-cut, sleeveless dress, which exposed her arms, shoulders and décolletage’ – was ‘significantly underweight’ and that the ad was irresponsible.

The Culotte – Stylish or not so Stylish

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Not so sure about this trend, Stella McCartney has been punting it on the catwalks and the magazines are showcasing them in their editorials, but I am just not jumping up and down with excitement. Am loving long very wide pants but those are called palazzos, I think. The culotte shorts were famous in the 60’s as well as the all in one culotte jumpsuit, wouldn’t mind finding one of those in a vintage sale, very cool. We will have wait and see how this turns out.

Chantal Joffe

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Joffe primarily paints expressive portraits of women and children, often in very large scale, sometimes 10 feet (3 m) tall. In a 2009 interview with Stella McCartney, Joffe said, “I really love painting women. Their bodies, their clothes – it all interests me.”[5] Source images for her personality-filled oil paintings include family photos, advertising, fashion magazines, and pornography.[6][7][8] Working roughly from her photographic source material, Joffe introduces distortions to her depictions.[9]

Jackie, Katie and the Iconic Pink Outfit!

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So I am hooked on the Kennedy Tv Series. Katie Holmes plays the famous Jackie O and in some scenes looks almost identical. However, I doubt Jackie was a soft spoken poppie which is sometimes the case in the series. The famous Pink suit makes an appearance and it makes you sigh, what happened to that kind of dressing every day? I am set on buying some long white gloves this week….

Trendy White on White!

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Spent the weekend catching up on much needed rest and lounging around. Paged through all my favourite magazines on the iPad. French Vogue and Harper’s bazaar Uk paid lots of attention to white on white! I know we are on the verge of Winter and white can be sometimes a bit impractical, but on those beautiful sunny days that we get down here in the Cape, white can be as trendy as ever! LOVE IT!

Today I am Wearing!

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I got the most divine riding jacket from the Label Collections Showroom Boutique. Such a great jacket for winter, ever so slightly cropped and fitted. I wear my tailored suit jacket to death in winter so it’s great to have another option! Think this is one of the last few summer days left so enjoy it while you can!

More on the label showroom to come – what a great find! Watch this space!

The Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo Event!

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So we have a week to go before the fabulous Polo affair takes place at Val de Vie Estate – what to wear girls???? White on white has become a huge fashion trend and what better way to mix an elegant glam look worn in a casual way! The little white dress would be prefect here or even polka dots. As mentioned in the press release below by Malcolm Kluk – Julia looked gorgeous in Pretty Women when she wore a classic polka dot printed dress with big floppy hat!

The History of the Iconic Wedding Gown

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Gowns that changed fashion: Kate Middleton’s will be latest in a long line
By Samantha Critchell, The Associated Press – 15 hours ago NEW YORK, N.Y. — When Kate Middleton walks down the aisle later this month to marry Prince William, the would-be brides watching out there will almost certainly home in on her dress. Some wedding dresses leave a legacy beyond the next-day knockoffs. Here are some famous brides who set fashion trends: —

The All American Tommy Hilfiger

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Love the ad campaigning of Tommy Hilfiger, a fictional all American preppy gang of a clan. When they are not yachting, they are all playing tennis together or spending lazy days by the pool. Eye catching and clever. The perfect, none boring, weird, fun and wacky family. Suddenly I am loving linen pants and cardi’s. Anyone know where I can buy a vintage cricket jersey?

The Most Awesome Slippers!


We took a drive to Noordhoek on Sunday and found a very quaint coffee shop at the Red Herring trading Post, close the the beach. You know how those lazy days go and you tend to linger at markets and stalls. Well girls, Oshun is one of those cute little shops that have a variety of interesting things to ponder.

My New Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

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I got the most amazing pair of shades from Sunglass Hut this weekend. I chose Cavalli this time, love the gold trim detailing on the side. Very dramatic and cool. Will go nicely with some animal print or tan leather! Love Sunglass Hut….

The Fringe Trend

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So Fringe fashion seems to be making fashion circles spin. If you have not got anything with a fringe in your cupboard, be it a Cape or a dress then you will not be up-to-date this winter. You can either be flapper inspired from the 20’s with a fab evening dress or, get some camel colour sueded items with Indian inspired fringes. Ralph Lauren has focused on fringes this coming season- he is so good with mixing the old with the new. Silver evening dresses with Indian tan leather belts – who would have thought!

The history of the Stripe!

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Am not sure who started it first Coco or Picasso, but what I do know, is that they both started something so unique and cool, it has lasted through the fashion era’s. A few seasons ago everyone was going crazy about stripes. The stripes were narrow and girls were mixing it with the Chanel look making it look so stylish and easy. This season it has gone as far as wearing stripes with stripes. Prada set the tone this Fall with being the first to mix it all up even further with bright colour. I cannot wait to wear a stripe printed T with a pair of stripe pants in bright blue. Now thats fashion.

Best Dressed at the Vibe Party

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The Vibe Party at the grand was a huge success last Saturday. The weather was awesome, meaning not much wind and everyone looked fab. I wrote a story about the theme of the evening and the best dressed would win a magnum bottle of Boschendal Bubbly. Thought these 2 oozed out French Reverie vibe and should definitely win the title. Love white on white, stunning. Well done.

Winter 2011 Top of the list Coat Trends!

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I thought I would give you some insight as to what are the biggest statement coats for this winter. Shape is key with the ovoid being at the top of the list. The maxi is not the most convenient, especially when it’s raining and the bottom of your coat is getting drenched. But oh my gosh it looks amazing. The Parker is still a must have in the wardrobe and a bit of fur trim is a nice update from last season. The Cape is looking very cool and trendy! Country Road has the most stylish one I have seen so far. And the trench is still here however now it’s got contrast piping and trim detail. I also recommend you be bold and get a bright coloured coat – its fun and and stands out on a cold winters day!

Chloé Fashion Show


Love Chloe`s take on the seventies trend. The snake print adds a nice twist, hinted with a bit of bright colour here and there. I am suddenly in love with denim culottes. Been seeing quite a few around. Divine….

Jimmy Choo to buy back Jimmy Choo

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In case you haven’t heard, Jimmy Choo, the shoe designer, doesn’t actually own or design for his namesake label. In fact, he hasn’t been involved since 2000. UK private equity firm, TowerBrook, owns the majority of the company. (The other big shareholder is co-founder/chief creative officer Tamara Mellon, who owns 15% of the business.) TowerBrook is keen on selling. LVMH, Valentino, and a few private equity firms have been whispered as potential buyers.

Karl Lagerfeld designs Diet Coke Bottles

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Previously designed by Matthew Williamson, Gianfranco Ferre, Marni and Roberto Cavalli among others, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola bottles have been getting fashionable and collectable makeovers by fashion’s biggest names since 2003.

It’s no surprise Lagerfeld was invited back for a second collection, this time decorating the pink and white bottles with stars, stripes and spots, next to his unmistakeable be-ponytailed silhouette.

Street Style – Cape Town

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I absolutely love her look. I don’t think polka-dots will ever go out of fashion. Such a fresh summer look. Adore her red pumps….and the bow in the hair is a nice touch.

Hudson By Georgia Jagger

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She has loads of sex appeal and am sure every girl flinches a little when she is around. The lady has amazing genes and has inherited the Jagger look like the rest of the family. Georgia has stamped her name on Hudson’s latest jean collection and I must say they are looking fab! The white pair of sexy skinnies she has on below are looking very relevant and cool, might need a pair. On the Hudson website these are called the Georgia May Jeans. They also have a jean named Jerry which I am assuming is named after her mom, they look slightly high waisted and have a gorgeous tie up trim at the back.

Street Style – Cape Town

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Stunning. Love her hair – reminds me a bit of Georgia Jagger with her hair to the side. Not sure about the shoes for me but her look is fresh and fun.

Susie Lau – Style bubble

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It’s not everyday that I come across a blog that blows me away. These days everyone has one so it’s harder to stand out. Style Bubble is one of those blogs that you will keep going back only because your dying to see what her next outfit is going to be. Susie only writes about things she loves.

More ways to wear a crop….

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So when the cropped top came around for a second time I almost has an absoloute cadenza. Moi showing some tummy is a big no no, unless I am on a beach on a remote island somewhere. But I have leant there is another way to wear a cropped top and not look ridiculous, that is if you don’t have an iron board for a stomach. Skirts are a good way to go as you can wear them into your higher waist, thus hiding any skin.

Black Swan Inspiration

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I have not seen the movie yet, seeing alot of garments off the catwalk looking very Black swan inspired. Nude colours, layering and lots of frills seems the way to go. Or you could go with quite a black dark gothic look as seen below, both are really cool. I think Natalie Portman has divine taste – never over doing it and always keeping it simple and true!

Isabel Marant Light Pink Denim

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I am in love with Isabel Marant’s new light pink denim look. A mixture of surfer, sporty and preppy cool chic. Everyone is going to do a version of these on the high streets. But, it would be so nice to have an original pair. Putting my shopping list together and these might be on the top of the list!

No Pants Day

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What in the world is No Pants Day?
No Pants Day is a day where everyone, be they students, respectable businessmen, or cherished community leaders, leave their pants behind. Usually this means wearing thick, appropriately modest boxer shorts, but bloomers, slips, briefs, and boxer-briefs all work as well.

Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

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One of my all time most remembered child hood movies was National Velvet! I wanted to be a horsy child and live on a farm! Then she starred in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof opposite Paul Newman and all I wanted to have was a white dress and heels and to be married to Paul Newman.

What to wear to The Vibe Party at the Grand!

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I cannot tell you how excited I am about The Vibe Party this weekend. Not only is it taking place in one of the most exquisite places in Cape Town, but the dress code is beach/kaftan/evening vibe. I have a so many kaftans in my wardrobe and this is the perfect opportunity to look glam in a kaftan. Let me tell you how I see it! The party starts at 12.00 so I reckon guys girls are going to want to be in bikinis and sandals so they can be comfy the whole day

Street Style – Cape Town

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Love the purple dress mixed with the tan coloured accessories. A very royal colour to wear during the day. It was a key colour for Winter and it looks like it is going to still be around for Summer (what with the whole big colour drive inspired by Jil Sander and Gucci).

Buy Hunter Boots in South Africa

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Oh my goodness girls I have some outstanding news. Hunter Boots are launching in South Africa. Gone are the days that we have to trek from co-op store to co-op store, trying to locate wellington boot in our size, which by the way is near impossible.

Bianca Brandolini – Fashionista of the week

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We chose Bianca Brandlini to be our fashionista of the week this time around. The gorgeous Italian goddess has great original style and seems to have a bit of a grungy side. When not being seen in a magnificent Valentino ready to wear dress straight off the runway, she struts her stuff with holey jeans and fab off beat boots!

Street Style Cape Town

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Those look like the boyfriend fit jeans, such a funky look and so comfy. Not everyone has the confidence to tie their shirt in a knot and show a bit of tummy; she pulls it off in an instant.

Street Style – Kalk Bay

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Oh my goodness I Love this lady’s outfit. Most likely vintage but I was too shy to ask. Notice Seth Rotherham in the background popping his collar – nice to see someone is listening to my rubbish ranting.

Today I am Wearing!

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Mmmm, think I am a bit hasty for winter to arrive.. Cannot wait to layer with coats and scarves. Today am wearing boots from Country road and re jeans – Woolworths!

Franki’s Vintage Chic – Kalk Bay

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Vintage and vintage – inspired chic for your wardrobe. I LOVE vintage stores, I can spend hours rummaging through the rails. Franki’s has a couture element to it, and they have a vintage Valentino set (the white set on the mannequin below) going for R10 000.

Catacombes – Kalk Bay

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Spent a lazy day in Kalk Bay on Sunday with the family. Whilst roaming around from store to store I found a little gem of a dress. The boutique was called Catacombes and is located on the opposite side of the train station on the main street. The dress was made by the owner of the shop from an old Indian sari from Indian Silk. Could not believe my luck! Definitely worth a visit the next time your in Kalk Bay for the day.

Street Style – Cape Town

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I think she epitomises the boho/seventies look. The floppy hat is essential for this vibe, and worn with the peasant style dress and gladiators sandals creates an effortless 100% authentic look.

Street Style – Cape Town

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Everyone knows I adore army style boots, I wear mine all the time. Worn with summer dresses creates a look that is sexy and full of attitude. A definite thumbs up from PYC!

Kate Moss smoking on NO SMOKING DAY!

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Naughty Kate decided to take a stand against No Smoking Day at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. Naomi Campbell made an appearance too, nice to see them both in action on the catwalk again.

Missibaba introduces the AW 2011 Collection

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The Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds collection was unveiled last Thursday evening at Chloe Townsend’s studio in Woodstock! As usual each bag is an absolute ‘must-have’ bag. Bright colours, oversized gingham prints and a bit of gold here and there makes a fascinating theme.

The Upturned Collar!

Love the upturned collar on a guy, very stylish! Some may think it is quite uncool and it maybe a bit snobbish but I think that’s very hater and ridiculous! In the sixties lots of well-known guys use to wear their collars up – think Paul Newman, Elvis and JFK! Don’t be shy and get that collar up! Very stylish indeed.

My new Kaftan!

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Bought the most amazing kaftan from the Errol Arendz store at the Cape Quarter – I have never really ventured into one of his stores but this little number caught my eye in the window as I was walking past. If I could I would spend every day in a kaftan – love, love , love…

Armani Buys a house in Cape Town!

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Nice to hear that more and more celebs are finding our Cape Town shores attractive. I read on the Nox Rentals Blog that the legendary designer Armani has recently bought a spectacular house here – am sure its a beautiful pad! No pics on the Nox blog accept an address so I google earthed the address and this is wear it is….

Rio de Janeiro Carnival – 5th March

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The Rio Carnival begins every year 46 days before Easter. In the old days, carnival time meant that no meat would be eaten during this period , thus the word carnival sounds similar to the brazilian word carnelevare. I have been to Rio on a shopping trip with friends but never during this time. I don’t think we have ever experienced anything like this in South Africa and I am sure it would be a one in a life time party!

The Perfect Autumn Outfit!

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Autumn is upon us and a gorgeous look to go for when there is a slight chill in the air are ankle boots with summer dresses. Looks so chic and feminine with a slight heel or slightly grungy with flat boots. Ditsy is still around in full force so this can look very fashionable and cute!

Lanvin Paris Fashion Week- Fall 2011


Alber Elbaz Fall 2011 collection shown at Paris Fashion week was breathtakingly beautiful. Every single dress was what every girl wants – to make you look absoloutly stunning. With all this talk around about garments on the catwalk that are unwearable and impractical, Lanvin makes a perfect example of how easy to wear the garments should look. Love the colour mixture to, especially the mustards and the reds.

Fashionista spotted at David West


I was not able to attend the David West show at the Design Indaba, however Aneesa sent in this great pic taken at the show. Too cut for words!

A Model Summer – Paulina Porizkova

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Remember that awesome comedy called “Her Alibi” with Tom Selleck and Paulina Porizkova? I was quite young when I watched it and I remember how Beautiful Paulina was – I’m sure she was part of the Kate, Naoimi and Cindy crew. I often wondered what had happened to her. Well it turns out her model career came to a complete halt and ever since then she has not stopped complaining about not being a model.



Cape Town, March 2011 Ida Elsje designed a collection of headpieces for David West’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection entitled ‘What Was Once New Is Old?’

Dior fires Galliano

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Oh dearie me, it seems Galliano did say all those nasty things. After Galliano had witnesses swear his innocence a video has appeared where you see all the shameful remarks.

Street Style

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Fellow Designer at Woolworths Umashan gave me 5 minutes in the street today to capture him in his trendy safari/rock outfit! He first said absolutely no way but after half an hour of following him around the building with my camera he eventually said yes to a few pics.

Tina Turner

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I watched the Biography of Tina Turner on the History Channel the other day and got all Tina Turner happy again! I listened to some my favouite hits from her on vinyl like Addicted to love and Private Dancer! Am definitely going to ask Deco Dance (the new eighties club in Sea Point) to play those the next time we go dancing!

Denim expert warns of the end of cheap fashion

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Richard Atkins, a denim expert in Hong Kong and a former creative director of UK clothing brand All Saints, has warned that high street fashion retailers may have to slow their expansion and the days of “throwaway fashion” could be over.

Louis Vuitton at the Oscars

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On the occasion of the 83rd Academy Awards in Los Angeles, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, wore earrings, a brooch and ring from the Louis Vuitton high jewellery collection, “L’Ame du Voyage.” The earrings and brooch feature Louis Vuitton diamonds and coloured stones on white, yellow and red gold. The ring features Louis Vuitton diamonds and baguette diamonds on white gold.

Graydon Carter’s Annual Oscar Dinner

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There were 3 hot after parties to be at in LA on the night of the Oscars, the Governors Ball, Elton Johns party to benefit his Aids Foundation and the Vanity Fair annual party which is held during and after the event.

Oscars Best Dressed!

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And so the most legendary red carpet event, The Oscars, came and went this weekend. Celebrities across the globe attend this night of all nights, knowing full well almost the whole world’s eyes are upon them! My goodness! Follow the link for more!

John Galliano Suspended!

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So, I heard the news on Saturday morning watching Sky news and drinking a cuppichino in bed – John Galliano Suspended. Whats worse is that Dior Suspended the Talented designer for anti- semitic and racist remarks to a couple he apparently attacked!

Carine Roitfeld- Latest Interview

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Carine Roitfeld – She said in an interview with The Guardian: ‘I like to have something every month that is – how you say? – not politically correct. What really got me worried was seeing a fashion shoot of little girls in French Vogue whilst she was Editor in Chief! I think this might have been pushing it a bit too far?

Elle – Office Style

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OMG – thought you would enjoy this, little write up in this months Elle. This month they have a great article on Signature Style: Staying true to your individual style, a must read!

Memoirs of a Geisha Fashion

Seeing lots of Asian influences coming through on the catwalks, the biggest one being the kimono. The Kimono Sleeve Dresses, Black Satin kimono’s over dresses with belts and Kimonos in full colours with floral prints are divine. Am thinking of going to a cool chinese shop in Sea point and buying one of those classic kimono’s with Asian fusion kind of prints and wearing it with my jeans and heels?

Thought I would get you inspired with some pics from the classic movie Memoirs of a Geisha Fashion. Oh my goodness what a wonderful movie.

London Fashion Week


Vivienne Westwood kept to her siganture quirky looks mixing up colours and prints, love the way she has so much fun with fashion!!

About a Blog!

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Thought you would enjoy this interview in this months Marie Claire with The Satorialist! Big fan of him and his girlfriend Garance … Read More