The latest looks from H&M Magazine

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Oh my goodness these looks are amazing – H&M are looking Hot this season! Loving the ditsy mixed with animal print and the tan seude Leather jacket! Am off on a buying trip today for Woolworths for 2 weeks hitting London, Barcelona, LA and then onto Hong Kong. Definitely going to go past H&M and fill up my shopping bag, better make a list of what I need! Will keep you posted.

Trendy White on White!

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Spent the weekend catching up on much needed rest and lounging around. Paged through all my favourite magazines on the iPad. French Vogue and Harper’s bazaar Uk paid lots of attention to white on white! I know we are on the verge of Winter and white can be sometimes a bit impractical, but on those beautiful sunny days that we get down here in the Cape, white can be as trendy as ever! LOVE IT!

The All American Tommy Hilfiger

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Love the ad campaigning of Tommy Hilfiger, a fictional all American preppy gang of a clan. When they are not yachting, they are all playing tennis together or spending lazy days by the pool. Eye catching and clever. The perfect, none boring, weird, fun and wacky family. Suddenly I am loving linen pants and cardi’s. Anyone know where I can buy a vintage cricket jersey?

Carine Roitfeld- Latest Interview

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Carine Roitfeld – She said in an interview with The Guardian: ‘I like to have something every month that is – how you say? – not politically correct. What really got me worried was seeing a fashion shoot of little girls in French Vogue whilst she was Editor in Chief! I think this might have been pushing it a bit too far?