The Trending Clutch Bag!

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The clutch is happening girls – from the envelope flap to the dazzling sparkle and the vintage assorted clutches. If you only have one it’s not enough! The it bag is all about taking a load off and carrying around only the bear essentials – lipstick, cash and phone! If I had to throw out the entire contents of bag right I would be blushing with embarrassment – I am a collector of all this called bag things!

The Fringe Trend

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So Fringe fashion seems to be making fashion circles spin. If you have not got anything with a fringe in your cupboard, be it a Cape or a dress then you will not be up-to-date this winter. You can either be flapper inspired from the 20’s with a fab evening dress or, get some camel colour sueded items with Indian inspired fringes. Ralph Lauren has focused on fringes this coming season- he is so good with mixing the old with the new. Silver evening dresses with Indian tan leather belts – who would have thought!

The history of the Stripe!

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Am not sure who started it first Coco or Picasso, but what I do know, is that they both started something so unique and cool, it has lasted through the fashion era’s. A few seasons ago everyone was going crazy about stripes. The stripes were narrow and girls were mixing it with the Chanel look making it look so stylish and easy. This season it has gone as far as wearing stripes with stripes. Prada set the tone this Fall with being the first to mix it all up even further with bright colour. I cannot wait to wear a stripe printed T with a pair of stripe pants in bright blue. Now thats fashion.

Winter 2011 Top of the list Coat Trends!

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I thought I would give you some insight as to what are the biggest statement coats for this winter. Shape is key with the ovoid being at the top of the list. The maxi is not the most convenient, especially when it’s raining and the bottom of your coat is getting drenched. But oh my gosh it looks amazing. The Parker is still a must have in the wardrobe and a bit of fur trim is a nice update from last season. The Cape is looking very cool and trendy! Country Road has the most stylish one I have seen so far. And the trench is still here however now it’s got contrast piping and trim detail. I also recommend you be bold and get a bright coloured coat – its fun and and stands out on a cold winters day!

More ways to wear a crop….

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So when the cropped top came around for a second time I almost has an absoloute cadenza. Moi showing some tummy is a big no no, unless I am on a beach on a remote island somewhere. But I have leant there is another way to wear a cropped top and not look ridiculous, that is if you don’t have an iron board for a stomach. Skirts are a good way to go as you can wear them into your higher waist, thus hiding any skin.

Isabel Marant Light Pink Denim

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I am in love with Isabel Marant’s new light pink denim look. A mixture of surfer, sporty and preppy cool chic. Everyone is going to do a version of these on the high streets. But, it would be so nice to have an original pair. Putting my shopping list together and these might be on the top of the list!

The Upturned Collar!

Love the upturned collar on a guy, very stylish! Some may think it is quite uncool and it maybe a bit snobbish but I think that’s very hater and ridiculous! In the sixties lots of well-known guys use to wear their collars up – think Paul Newman, Elvis and JFK! Don’t be shy and get that collar up! Very stylish indeed.

The Perfect Autumn Outfit!

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Autumn is upon us and a gorgeous look to go for when there is a slight chill in the air are ankle boots with summer dresses. Looks so chic and feminine with a slight heel or slightly grungy with flat boots. Ditsy is still around in full force so this can look very fashionable and cute!

Memoirs of a Geisha Fashion

Seeing lots of Asian influences coming through on the catwalks, the biggest one being the kimono. The Kimono Sleeve Dresses, Black Satin kimono’s over dresses with belts and Kimonos in full colours with floral prints are divine. Am thinking of going to a cool chinese shop in Sea point and buying one of those classic kimono’s with Asian fusion kind of prints and wearing it with my jeans and heels?

Thought I would get you inspired with some pics from the classic movie Memoirs of a Geisha Fashion. Oh my goodness what a wonderful movie.

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