Mas Provençal – Èze

Mas Provençal – Èze

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We had heard about this magical restaurant in Eze which was apparently like eating in a greenhouse. With my sudden love of gardening and greenhouses we agreed to make a night of it at Mas Provencal. Well, how do you describe something known as “the gateway to paradise?” When arriving, the entrance is quite unassuming – it looks like a grannies cottage with lovely pots and pink flowers below the sign.

As you walk in you have to hunch slightly, so your head doesn’t hit the tomatoes and millions of orchids hanging from the ceiling! Immediately you realise that this might be a once in a lifetime experience. Something very special was clearly about to take place.

It’s standard practice for all the girls to take millions of pics for Instagram the next day and the owners seem quite used to it. The couple who own the restaurant introduce themselves and usher you to your table, and then the banquet begins!

The famous dishes we had researched about beforehand include the risotto, which is served inside a giant parmesan wheel, brought in especially from Italy. It’s served in a special home-made contraption designed by the owner – like something you would find in an antique shop and never think twice to purchase!

There are two special guys making music and singing to each table , and who played Volare to us on demand! Needless to say the whole restaurant started to dance and clap!

The place is full of history, which only adds to its institution-like status. When the owner heard we were from Afrique du Sud he started talking to us about Charlene. He then brought  us a photo album with Princess Charlene dining at Mas Provencal….along with Faye Dunaway, George Bush Senior and a few other stars and random wealthy Russians.

I would say we got heavily stung at the end of the eve… but it was well worth it – tourist traps like these are sometimes experiences you only do once in a lifetime…



The entrance with beautiful flower display..


So doing one of these for our home when we get back!


Not your every day French restaurant..





The menu with the famous risotto dish


The massive wheel of parmesan with risotto served inside – tastes like risotto heaven!


The man made machine for big parmesan wheel…


The owner showing us pics of the Princess..


Smiles all round from our side, we have just arrived at the gate…


The flowers above the main table get changed once a week!

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